Soaring Personality Types


Soaring Personality Types

What does flying a plane have to do with people’s personality? Well recently I was watching a TV evangelist who was talking about the same thing.

Apparently, when you learn how to fly, there are four things that take top-level importance.  These are THRUST, LIFT, WEIGHT and DRAG. There was me thinking getting off of the ground, getting to the destination and then getting the plane back to earth safely was important, never assume eh?

In life we are surrounded with different types of people, and of those people we choose to get close to a specific few.  However sometimes we do not get a choice and therefore people in a work environment or family gathering end up around us.

Wherever possible it is important to distinguish the types of people we have by categorising them by their behaviour towards us.  Let me elaborate.

THRUST types, are energetic, positive and exciting to be around. They see things from a ‘can do’ perspective and want to be seen to help.  Motivated by success these goal oriented people do everything they can to do well and achieve their goals, in a way that is empowering to all those around them. Supporting to friends and family, these people put themselves first.

LIFT types give a short burst of positivity, or an injection of motivation when it is most needed. Not necessarily when things go wrong, ‘lift’ people help to maintain buoyant momentum with supercharged, and short lived bursts of energy and enthusiasm. Great at a party or social gathering, these people give spirit to any situation.

WEIGHT types are not negative, however they do take their time, and can get bogged down in details.  Better for analytical or high detail projects, ‘weight’ people can help to offer gravitas to a situation or proposal by adding knowledge or skills overlooked by the ‘thrust’ or ‘lift’ personalities.

DRAG types always have a problem and can often see problems or make up problems to hinder action and activity. Often moody, these people are often quick to criticize or be vocal about their personal problems, rarely seeing or acknowledging any form of positive outcome. Detrimental to team spirit and with a ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude, these natural takers give nothing back to teams or friendships.

Quite simply, in work or in your personal life, try looking at people in these simple terms and ask yourself, “What does my behaviour reflect and whom am I surrounding myself with?”  Do not be afraid to edit or enhance your life with anything that is missing and bear in mind that life is too short to be held back by too much ‘DRAG’ always look to soar. Never say the sky’s the limit, when there are footprints on the moon.

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