Maximising Sales Skills for Personal Trainers

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Maximising Sales Skills for Personal Trainers

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Working as a Personal Trainer used to be perceived as a luxury that only the elite could afford. More and more PT’s need to ensure they are equipped to be accessible to anyone from any walk of life. To do this they must use communication, influence and sales skills to build rapport and truly understand their client’s motivation and personal goals in order to deliver results, not to mention helping the client maintain what they have worked so hard for.

With Christmas revenue just around the corner, maximising sales opportunities will be vital to ensure success into the New Year so that clients not only achieve their goals, but also maintain them as part of their New Year Resolutions with their Personal Trainer

This one day training programme specifically for Personal Trainers is delivered by Simon Hares who, in the last two years has helped many PT’s grow their business and their client base using common sense sales techniques that are effective, and deliver on the bottom line, whilst not compromising the integrity of the PT or making the client feel uncomfortable.

Simon uses his experience in Sales and Service and delivers a programme that will give PT’s insight into the mind of the buyer and how they really think when it comes to buying this service.

The course is broken into modules over the day and looks like this.

  • Understanding the Client and their Motivation.
  • A look into the process of buying a PT from the client’s perspective
  • Introducing a Sales Process for PT’s that works
  • Effective preparation skills to ensure a good client first impression
  • Listening Skills, effective note taking and recap skills
  • Questioning & insight to help build rapport and truly understand what the client wants and can achieve
  • Selling the PT and their service in terms of value, benefits and results and gaining a commitment that will manage expectations and ensure sustainability
  • Asking for the business or closing the sale
  • Building the relationship and offering a truly exemplary client experience
  • The public face of your business, some tips on building testimonials and using social media to drive traffic to your website. 

“I have been lucky enough to know Simon through my place of work and stumbled upon his skills and brilliant personality when Fitness First hired him for a seminar. We worked on delivery of business development and how to service the client better. He intelligently explained how I could create a better relationship between me and the client from a psychological and commercial perspective then explained how to apply these skills. This first session helped me excel so much, I have since attended further seminars as the information and skills I have learnt have been priceless to my business.” Carl Constanza Personal Trainer

The course costs £195.00 per person and will take place at Relentless Training in Oldfield Park from 9.30 -5pm on Sunday 22nd November 2015

SPACES ARE LIMITED – To book your course please call Simon Hares on 07979 537824 or email

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