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Welcome to the Advocacy section of SerialTrainer7. In this section are links to a chosen few, for whom I have done business with in the past and proven beyond any doubt that they are at a level of excellence rarely seen.  Please do click on the links below and check out their sites. If you choose to use their services, and you should, then please tell them how you came to hear of them.

Content ETC- A fantastic provider for all things Editorial. In the publishing world these guys are first class. CONTENT ETC

For Media Training and another place to find serialtrainer7 contact Mentor Media Training

The Corporate Coach Group- Chris Farmer is hands down one of the best trainers out there, his approach is unique, and works. Find him here. Corporate Coach Group

Do you need Human Resource support and help. The very best for my money is contact Pippa and Gillian and receive service that is above and beyond.

WhyNot?- Liza Hughes is just one of those magical people that businesses need. Her coaching style simply works. Find Liza here. Why Not?

Adobe Training specialist Traci Rochester offers the best in design and business training find her here

Invading your digital space right now! the very best in e-learning the skills of the digital world contact Jonny Townsend here at Circus Street

Social-i – Imogen Woodford delivers social media training that will inspire you and your team to take action, she brings clarity and understanding in an engaging format.

Maxima Training & Development offer excellent specialised training solutions and are worth your time.

Personal Trainers

I work with some terrific PT’s here are my pick of the best.

One of the very best Personal Trainers out there is Ben Clarke, he is found in Bath and just gets it so find him

Top notch tailored PT is defined as excellence for Carl Constanza find him here

For the best in personal training Steve Wootten is your man. Highly motivating and focussed, he achieves great results for his clients. RELENTLESS TRAINING SYSTEMS

For amazing advice and help in the Personal Training Industry Chris Burgess is the man to meet. Check out

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