Sales Training


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Sales Training

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The Sales Process – A multi day or single day modular program that delivers the transformational skills and sales process needed by anyone working in sales.Please click on any of the course titles for a full a outline. Courses to pick from include:

Buy-logy – Understanding the Psychological Buyers Perspective.
How to Identify and Challenge the Client’s Need.  How to effectively question the clients. Why Client’s Buy & How Client’s Buy. How to NLP in a  sales calls.

How to Write a Sales Proposal  How to write a sales proposal using key influencing techniques and a simple structure to create a version of you in print that will persuade the client to buy.

How to Become A Better Presenter Understanding the process of presenting and overcoming adversity before, during and after a presentation. Learning the skills of creating a prevention using an easy format, body language skills and communication skills that will leave the competition standing.

How to Negotiate Effectively.  With a little give & take this course teaches the skills of negotiation helping to create a win win outcome. Applying a straightforward route map this course gives attendees everything they need to negotiate confidently.

How to Overcome a Client’s Objection. I Object!. Dealing with objections and learning how to anticipate them before they happen. Understanding how good questioning skills can help stop them occurring, and when they do a straightforward process that makes gives sales people more confidence.

How to Become More Commercially Aware.  An exciting day running a business and competing for profit. Teams learn the skill of making commercial decisions and spotting opportunities that affect the bottom line.

How to Close the Sale.  Learning how to ask for the business in a way that demonstrates value to the buyer using proven techniques that help build confidence and trust between buyers and sellers.

How to Manage Time Effectively in Sales.  What it takes to become personally more effective in sales by utilising time in a more structured way. How to identify best working methods and styles of prioritising that keep focus and bring meaning to the day.

We here at Factory Media chose Simon over a number of other trainers as his approach was relevant, unique and specifically tailored to the business. Initial feedback from the team included “the best sales training I have ever had” and within days of the sales training being delivered we noticed an uplift in quality of sales calls and more importantly an improvement on sales.” Chris Brown. Head of Sales. Factory Media.

Please feel free to get in contact with me, either by email or by filling in the contact form below. It will be my pleasure to talk through anything you might require that can make a true difference, and if I cannot deliver it, then I have a network of truly talented people who can. Find me at

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