Ramblings about Training Subjects

SerialTrainer7+face-RGB-large-square copyBlogs and Ramblings!

In this section I will be posting blogs about specific subjects relating to training.  In here will be  hints and toptastic hints on subjects such as management, leadership, communication and other such areas that people find interesting..or not!

Please feel free to comment on any of them I appreciate your feedback.

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These are a few of my favourite key messages that I have blogged about.

Assertiveness-Stand Up and be Counted!

Self Perception-The Masks We Wear 

Power-You Want Some? Read Me First.

Meetings-Another Chance to Warm a Seat!

“I am not F***ing Stressed OK”

Trick or Treat-Managers-Give ‘Em a Break or Give ‘Em Hell?

Soaring Personality Types

Handling Promotion-Throwing Glitter into the Sun

Be Mindful of The Walking Dread

Don’t Sweat the Small Talk

The Management Threat-Not the Person, the Process

Think You’re Entitled? Think Again

“Over My Dead Body!”-Adapting to Change

The Appraisal-Not Just a Tick in a Box

Reinvention-The Alarm Clock Moment

Advocacy-Back Stabbers or Not So Secret Admirers?

Advocacy Part 2-What are Your Staff Saying About You?

Mindfulness-The Journey of the Caterpillar

Retail Service-“Can I Help You?-Yes You!”

Care Less and Take Control

Strategy-The Light in the Fog

Adventures in Management-The New Manager

Self Motivation-Sinking Ship or Cruising Nicely?

Bring out the Big Guns-Commercial Skills for Personal Trainers

Does the Devil Wear Prada? A Pep talk for PA’s

Nostalgia-The Way We Were

Embrace Your Inner Phoenix

So What’s New in Your World?

Triskaidekaphobia-Friday 13th to You and I …

Personal Resilience – I Am Not A Paper Cup!

Game, Set & Match – Selling Against the Competition

Mission Impossible or Mission I’m Possible?

Team Work – Goals, Bunkers and a lot of Racquet!

Time Management – Focus People! Distractions and Discipline

Back to School – Happy New School Year Resolutions!

Sales – Prepare to set ‘Sale’ or Prepare to Fail!

Progress Report -New Year’s Resolutions

Sales: Questioning Skills – Interrogation or Conversation?

Willpower – Your New Superpower!

Customer Service – “Guest is God.”

Cracking the Whip – 50 Shades of Management

50 Shades of Management – Autonomy – Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Time Management – A Marathon and a Pomodoro

Sales – The Write Stuff – Creating the Sales Proposal

Difficult Conversations – No More Sh*t Sandwiches!

Management – From Mate to Manager

Sales People Not Selling? – Blame the Parents!

Assertiveness – Men Need Confidence Too!

There Be Dragons! – Presentation Skills

Sales People. Do You Get in the Way of the Sales Process?

Sales People – Silence is Golden

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