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simon9080SerialTrainer7 Recommended Reading

As a trainer I am often asked by my delegates for recommendations for books and materials.  These extra resources help them to really get to grips with the subject matter and give them additional insight that cannot for one reason or another (mostly time!) be covered on a course. The following selection of books I have found to be very useful and you might too. I always recommend buying second hand copies of books, especially if the description says “contains some highlighting and writing in the margins.” as this means all the good stuff has been brought to the forefront which saves heaps of time reading the padding! On balance you might of course prefer a shiny new copy with that magical ‘new book’ smell and choose to discover all that lovely treasure for yourself. Either way works of course, reading is a special thing.  I hope you like these and it goes without saying that I keep this page updated, so when I find something new then so will you. Thanks for visiting and happy reading.

Here is the bookshelf!

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